While many parents initially purchase the Amber Alert GPS child locator to ensure that their child will never be abducted by a stranger there are times it ends up being used for a non-stranger abduction. The reality is most kidnappings are carried out be friends or family who have an inside scoop to the routines and schedules.

Whether the abductor is a complete stranger who is trying to take advantage of an opportunity or a family member who is unhappy with a divorce arrangement this personal tracking device can find the child quickly. From the moment the child is taken until recovery parents can have the ability to live track them on their cell phone with a convenient, easy to use app.


When a child needs help either because they are lost or have strayed too close to a predators home it is important to get the word out to get help fast. The Amber Alert Armor allows parents to program in up to ten people to receive alerts from the unit when something is wrong. This means that if someone is far away or out of cell phone range there will still be nine others who can come to the rescue to help with the situation.

The more people who are alerted by the personal tracking device the more can respond to ensure that everything turns out okay. This will ensure the safe return of the child to home where they belong!

Playing in your neighborhood or near your school should be safe for children, and many times it is a safe zone where kids can be. Parents can now electronically program in a safe zone to the Amber Alert GPS child locator device to help ensure that their child does not wander out of the area they are intended to play within.

Setting safe zones with this personal tracking device is easy and will give parents the peace of mind that their child is being looked after even when they cannot be there to do it themselves. The safe zone feature will alert parents via their cell phone should their child wander out of the boundaries that were set for their safety. Knowing when they wander off and being able to track them will make getting them fast and efficient.

It seems there are more convicted sexual predators than ever surrounding our children so just how can a parent keep their kids safe when they cannot be around? The Amber Alert GPS child locator has received many accolades and helped many parents keep track of their children since its introduction.

Now the unit comes in a new version the Armor that includes more features that will allow parents to receive an alert when their child is near the home of a predator. Working along with the national database of convicted predators this new feature can help parents steer their children clear of these dangers in order to stay safe when they are not at home.

While the original Amber Alert GPS personal tracking device was easy to use and convenient for parents many wished it could be controlled more from their cell phone. With the new Armor child locator device, those with a smart phone such as a Droid or iPhone can access the unit to set and manage alerts while also using it to track the activity of their kids.

For busy parents who are constantly on the go the Armor along with this useful app makes life so much easier, while providing a peace of mind that cannot be found elsewhere. Knowing that even when your child cannot be by your side as long as you have your phone you can know where they are at. This is worth so much whether your child ever becomes lost or not.

It seems far too often that we are seeing tales of child abduction filling the news as kids are being taken at a rate that seems to be increasing. From cases of stranger abduction to those that involve friends and relatives of the family it seems a kid does not have a chance. But for parents ready to bring electronic gadgets in on the fight kids can now carry the new Amber Alert Armor child locator device.

This new device is much more affordable than a cell phone and more reliable as well since it can constantly track the movements of kids using GPS technology. With many built in features parents can customize it to fit their exact needs. From receiving warnings when a safe zone is left to alerts when the child is near a residence of a registered sex offender this device has all the bases covered.

There is no better way to protect your children and with the price of not using one so high there is no reason why a GPS tracking device cannot be carried by each and every kid out there.

When parents leave their children at school they feel that they have placed them in a safe place for the day in which nothing will happen to them. But the recent disappearance of a 7 year old boy from Portland Oregon has shattered that thought for every parent across the country.

Just over 3 weeks ago not only was Kyron dropped off at school by his step mother, she even went inside with him for awhile. Yet the young boy never made it to class and his disappearance was not noticed until he did not come home that evening. Despite an exhaustive search he has yet to be found and many questions still go unanswered.

For many parents this story should be the wake up call they need to be proactive in the protection of their child. A GPS tracking device is affordable and simple to use when combined with a web enabled cell phone so that the exact location of the child can be known at all times. With these personal tracking devices hopefully news stories like the one out of Oregon can become a thing of the past as all parents are completely in touch with their children even when they cannot be with them.

More than any time in history our children are spending the vast majority of their time indoors. While the school day cannot be helped their free time is filled with video games and chatting online with friends. When their parents were young time with friends was spent outside in the neighborhood or at the local park playing games. This lack of outdoor time is a contributing factor to the rising obesity issues in the children all across the country. Poor diets combined with this lack of exercise are leading to issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure that could be lessened with quality play.

Many parents are finding that GPS technology is good for not only a child locator device for finding small children who are lost but also as a motivational tool to get kids outside. Geocaching is a fun game that is much like a modern treasure hunt that appeals to many kids. The use of a GPS device to locate a hidden cache is a fun way to spend an afternoon and the walking is a perfect way to get kids moving.

To find out about caches in your area for hunting there are several websites which allow those that play the game a place to post their hidden treasure. Those who want to look for them can find the GPS coordinates to search for at these sites. Or players can have one person make a cache, and then give the coordinates to others to try and find in your own game.

This game is not only good outdoor time for kids but a great way to teach them how to read maps and even work as teams. By combining the technology that these kids love to spend their time with but in a way that is outdoor based starting your kids in geocaching is the perfect way to get them out and get them moving.

Of course geocaching is best when the family does it together making it an ideal way to spend the weekend in the warmer months as everyone works together to find the hidden treasure. The result will be a closer family that is healthier as everyone gets outside and experiences nature while using GPS technology to have some fun and play a fun game.

GPS is no longer merely the plaything of waymarkers, geocachers, and Earth Sandwhich makers.  What started with the Soviet Union’s man-made satellite, Sputnik, in 1957, and later helped you find the new Trader Joes in town, can now also help save your child’s life.

Tiny GPS devices, (less than 2 inches square and less than 1 inch wide), have been developed in the hopes that they can help parents and the police locate missing children before it’s too late.  These devices are 1.25 oz and powered by lithium batteries.  The “amber alert GPS” units can be worn as an accessory, (such as on a necklace or bracelet), or attached to your child’s backpack, clothing, belt, pocket, purse, or elsewhere.  For parents with cell phones that have web access, a GPS child locator can tell them exactly where their child is, right on their cell phone.  The amber alert devices can also be tracked via computer.

The Amber Alert GPS units have been featured on MSNBC and US News & World Report and they are sure to revolutionize the way police and frightened parents locate missing children.  The GPS child locator devices work with any cell phone carrier, although a web-enabled phone IS required in order to view the locator maps via cell phone.  For parents without web access on their cell phone, they will receive text messages with the location of the GPS unit.  More than one GPS unit can be tracked with just one cell phone, which is great for people with more than one child.

Child GPS Locator Accuracy
90% of the time, the Amber Alert GPS 2G unit is accurate within 49 feet.  When the GPS device is outside and pending any atmospheric factors which could cause errors, the unit is accurate within 16 to 33 feet.

How much do they cost?
A variety of plans are available for the Amber Alert GPS system and start under $10 a month. 

Additional Features
Several different options are available with the GPS child locator, including:

  • Destination Alert – For parents who would like to receive a text message or email when their child arrives as a set location (such as school , ballet class, or a friend’s house)
  • SOS – Children can press a button on the unit to “call” for help.  Pressing the button will send text messages (or email) to parents with the location of the GPS child locator and a “help me” message
  • Voice Monitoring – Allows parents up to 30 minutes of actual voice monitoring from the location of the unit.  This can help parents and authorities better access the situation when a child presses the SOS button

An assistance program is available for parents in the United States who make less than $30,000 a year in the hopes that all parents who would like to use a GPS child locator to keep their children safe are able to do so.

We all have a lot of numbers in our lives that are important but the two most essential are our social security number and credit score. Your social security number is your personal identification number that ties you to who you are, what kind of financial responsibility you have and is essential for jobs and more. A credit score is tied closely to this and while a good one makes achieving goals such as home ownership easy a bad credit score can make even getting the dream job impossible.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes not only in the United States but all around the world as thieves learn to steal these important numbers in order to use them for their own gains with no intentions of paying back the loans they open. While most adults are well aware of this problem they take the steps to try and keep their personal information private while monitoring their credit for signs that someone may have stolen this information for their own use. But yet many parents do not stop to think that this is crime that can happen to their children as well as themselves.

Many identity thieves are now choosing to acquire the names and social security numbers of kids just because of the advantages that come with a new clean slate. Though there is a lack of credit history these thieves have found that building one up does not take much effort and in a very short time they can establish enough to have several credit cards as well as even mortgages. Plus since the child is not using their credit as well the chances of the crime being discovered is next to nothing for many years.

While many parents guard their child against abduction with a GPS child locator they fail to protect their identity and the problem is not discovered until it is too late. By the time the teen is ready to attend college and need a student loan or buy a first car the low credit score with several loans in default is finally discovered. While it takes some time to clear up the confusion and clean up the credit it will put the whole life of the child on hold stopping them from reaching for their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

Parents can actually monitor the credit of their child just as they monitor their own. Even the top three credit reporting agencies give parents the chance to run a credit check on a minor child once a year for free in order to catch any potential issues and put a stop to them now instead of later. Though it will not prevent identity theft of a child’s name and social security number it can help discover the crime early so that it can be corrected while the child is still young and not when they need their credit the most.