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One of the latest drink sensations is wine infused tea.  As we all know, tea offers a variety of health benefits, one of the most important of which is antioxidants.  Many wines, especially red wines, also offer plenty of antioxidants.  The combination of wine and tea, obviously, is a super-charged antioxidant taste sensation, with the potential to fight both the signs of aging and cancer.  Wine tea is soothing and scrumptious at the same time.  It is great for after dinner, alone, or with guests.  Many top loose leaf tea shops both online and elsewhere now offer a variety of different wine infused teas featuring cabernets, champagne, and more.


The term “Handcrafted tea” may seem like a misnomer if you are unfamiliar with this ancient art form from China.  Perhaps “sculpted tea” is more descriptive of the lovely hand shaped tea leaves from the Yunan and Fujian provinces of China.  Handcrafted tea is made by rolling and shaping tea leaves into stars and other shapes.  This techniques was likely first used in order to extend the shelf life of the tea leaves, but is now enjoyed by people around the world for the delicate beauty and craftsmanship.  Most handmade teas are made from green tea leaves and are known for their strong flavor.

Rooibos, (often called “red”) teas were originally cultivated in Southern Africa.  They have been a favorite of the people there for many generations and have recently gained popularity worldwide.

In Southern Africa, many folks drink rooibos with honey or sugar to sweeten and a slice a lemon.  Milk is rarely added to traditional rooibos.  “Red espresso” is also growing in popularity in South African coffee shops and is starting to emerge in other countries as well.  Not just red tea but red cappuccinos, red iced tea, and red lattes are also gaining a steady following in not only South African but the United States and Australia as well.

The process through which sencha and other Japanese ryokucha green teas is done differs from Chinese green teas, which are at first pan-fired (and could most likely, therefore, better be known as “roasted” teas). Japanese green tea is actually first steamed between 15-20 seconds to prevent the leaves from oxidizing. After that, the leaves are folded, shaped, as well as dried. This task creates the normal thin round shape of the actual tea leaves. Lastly, after drying out, the leaves are actually fried to aid their preservation and also to add flavor.

Japanese green teas have a much more vegetal, almost grassy flavor (sometimes seaweed-like). Infusions from sencha along with other green tea that is steamed (like the majority of common Japanese green teas) are also lovely green in color and a bit bitter compared to Chinese-style green tea.

When it comes to Oolong Tea, the actual uncooked leaves are sun-wilted as well as subsequently bruised, which reveals their natural fluids to the atmosphere.  Unlike dark teas, Oolongs are just permitted to oxidize only partially, giving them an abundant, flowery flavor. The tea is then dried out completely; helping to retain the strong flavors which Oolong tea is renowned for.

Oolong’s distinctive drying out procedure creates a tea that has numerous metabolic revitalizing characteristics which means that it might be able to help individuals lose weight.

Oolongs range from vibrant green and somewhat fermented to dark-leafed and delicious. The greener types are less fermented. Oolong tea therefore comes in an array of tastes and scents from teas really close in taste to green tea to those which are closer to black tea.

Matcha Green Tea is great for antioxidant protection and it has significantly higher amounts of antioxidants when compared with both spinach and blueberries. Green teas have large quantities of antioxidants, (those chemical compounds recognized to slow down the signs of aging). Antioxidants can also be found in a variety of fruit and veggies, and even in chocolate. A testing process known as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, (or ORAC for short), measures the actual antioxidant quantities present in different foods and beverages. University studies have shows that the ORAC rating of Matcha green tea is, in fact, tremendously greater than other foods recognized for their high antioxidants levels, including blueberries and spinach. The ORAC score of Matcha is 1300 units per gram, versus pomegranates with just 105 units per gram, and wild blueberries with 91 units per gram.

For those who are considering the purchase of a Amber Alert GPS child locator, but are not sure if this device will be effective at tracking their child should take a look at a recent video posted on Youtube. This particular personal tracking device was featured on Good Morning America and the story is packed full of information on the device. On top of this information on how the device works there is also stories from parents who have purchased and used the GPS tracking device to find their child in a panic when they could not locate them.

Hearing other parents talk about how easy it is to lose your child and the horrible feelings that come over you when you do not know where your child is compelling for those considering this purchase. As one mother states in that instant when she could not find her child she was not sure what the girl was even wearing that day. That would be vital information should you need to look for a lost child the hard way to find them and bring them home.
Luckily for those who purchase the Amber Alert GPS child locator finding them quickly is a snap and this horrible feeling does not have to last long. Receive a map that shows your child’s exact location right to your cell phone in order to find them when they are late coming home or you are just concerned whether they are okay or not while out playing with friends.

Watch this video for more information on this useful tech gadget that will help parents keep track of their child when combined with a cell phone.

Child proofing your home may sound easy but in just about every American home there is something that can accidentally kill or seriously hurt a child that parents overlook. While most of the time these things that are overlooked do not end up causing a tragedy there are times when they do occur and when it does it is too late to go back. Just as there are specialty companies popping up to keep your children safe while away from home with the use of a child locator device, there are also companies that are forming that will come into your home and thoroughly childproof it for you. These child safety consultants are becoming more and more popular as tragedies make the news making parents think more about safety.

For a long time child abductions have been considered a big city problem but in reality this is not the case. Children are taken from all walks of life in communities of all sizes across the country. Of course when these abductions do occur in smaller areas the authorities in these towns do not have the experience in abductions that their counterparts do in larger more urban areas. Many child predators realize this and try to use this to their advantage.

Recently the Kansas Attorney General created a statewide Child Abduction Response Team (CART) that will help all communities in the event of an abduction of one of their children. This team will help coordinate local law enforcement to best manage the situation and resources available to bring children home safely. Team members will include not only experience law enforcement to aid in the recovery of the child but also trained professionals who can assist the family in this very trying time in their lives.

Kansas may be taking the lead in creating such a team but other states will surely follow suit. This can truly take the burden off of the smaller communities when it comes to training and the manpower that is necessary to recover abducted and at risk children from dangerous situations. Of course just as anywhere all parents even those who live in small rural towns need to keep the information on their child as well as recent photos of them handy to aid all authorities who are involved in looking for their abducted child. Plus a child locator device can be a extremely handy tool in these situations provided the cell phone coverage is more than adequate in the area. Abduction is a scary thing but when handled promptly and quickly it can have a very positive outcome for the child and their family.

There are many statistics on child abductions that we try and share with parents so they can use this information to protect their children from harm. By now many parents should know that family members carry out many abductions so they can best guard against this with secret codes and other tactics. But the FBI recently warned that almost 36% of the non-family abductions that do occur happen during the spring time. So now is an excellent time to make sure you have a proper ID kit for each of your children and this is also a great time to sign up for a GPS child locator service as well.

These tools are very helpful in recovering your child quickly should the unthinkable actually happen to one of your children and your family. A child ID kit should include at least two current photos preferably one school photo and one less formal image. As well as an index card that contain their vital information such as height, weight, and eye color plus any distinguishing features they may have. A set of their fingerprints as well as a cotton swab with some of the DNA from their mouth sealed in an envelope is also items that should be included in the kit. With these you can provide the authorities all they need in order to find a child quickly and bring them home safe.