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We have all heard by now about the tragic murders when the Craigslist killer lured in women and ultimately too their lives. While this classified ad based website can be extremely useful for buying and selling goods and services it can also be a lure for criminals to bring in their victims. Outside of the murders those selling goods have been lured in to a “sale” and instead robbed of the item along with anything they happen to have on them.

For families the latest concern is fake casting calls which lure in kids where they are abducted right from under the noses of their parents. In a specific incident in Toronto one mother brought her infant in to a casting call only to have the child stolen when she was in another room. While this story had a happy ending it only goes to remind parents to be wary of the internet and their children and to protect them with a child locator device should they ever end up in such a situation.


When parents leave their children at school they feel that they have placed them in a safe place for the day in which nothing will happen to them. But the recent disappearance of a 7 year old boy from Portland Oregon has shattered that thought for every parent across the country.

Just over 3 weeks ago not only was Kyron dropped off at school by his step mother, she even went inside with him for awhile. Yet the young boy never made it to class and his disappearance was not noticed until he did not come home that evening. Despite an exhaustive search he has yet to be found and many questions still go unanswered.

For many parents this story should be the wake up call they need to be proactive in the protection of their child. A GPS tracking device is affordable and simple to use when combined with a web enabled cell phone so that the exact location of the child can be known at all times. With these personal tracking devices hopefully news stories like the one out of Oregon can become a thing of the past as all parents are completely in touch with their children even when they cannot be with them.

For parents going through a divorce the issue of custody is more often than not the most highly contested and debated portion of their divorce decree. For the parent who may feel like they do not have a chance at winning custody or did lose it in the divorce the temptation is high sometimes to take the child and run off with them. Though this may sound like something on a dramatic television show it seems that in countries such as Great Britain the number of these types of cases is quickly on the rise. Up as much as 20% these parents are finding out that if they can make it to a sympathetic country they will be left in peace to raise their child on their own without the ex-spouse and sharing the time.

As these numbers continue to rise more parents are looking for ways to track the location of their child at all times in order to prevent these abductions by the non-custodial parent. For those in the US the Amber Alert GPS child locator is a personal tracking device that is highly programmable so that they can keep tabs on their child and ensure that they will not be taken off to another country where they may never see them again.

The vast majority of the child abductions in the country each of year actually do not involve strangers at all. In many of these cases the abductor is way more than just an acquaintance as well. Many are carried out by disgruntled parties who have lost custody of the child or feel they are about to. For the most part these are last ditch efforts by someone who loves these children dearly and feel that they are doing what is best for them. These people feel that the courts have let them down and the judges truly do not know what is best for the child so they take the matter into their own hands.

Of course even though these abductions are done with good intent they are still crimes that will only make the matters between not only the custodial parent and also the courts worse. Nevada is about to pass a new law, which will strengthen the custody laws in that state. If a non-custodial party abducts, attempts to abduct, or has interfered with the custody of the child this law will make it only harder for them to get visitation and other rights to the child. Of course many other states are also discussing similar bills in order to help custodial parents when faced with such a difficult issue.

These parents need more than just a child locator device to help them keep their children safe from potential abduction from someone they love. For the child this is a very confusing and hard thing to understand since in so many cases they never see the other parent again. If you feel your child is at risk for abduction by a non-custodial family member than use a Amber Alert GPS device and speak with an attorney about the laws in your state.

No matter what parents do to keep kids safe from getting lost or abducted sadly it still happens quite frequently. Despite child locator devices being available many parents have not caught on to their use yet since the devices are still fairly new. Recent news of the two year old case of Madeleine McCann is a grim reminder to parents of what come happen when your child goes missing and they are not recovered quickly. The McCann family lives in a limbo everyday not knowing where their daughter is and if she is okay. This is a fate that everyone at Amber Alert GPS hopes they can help all families avoid.

Americas Most Wanted has been one of the most popular shows on television for the past 20 years and has played a role in capturing well over 1,000 criminals. Many viewers are well aware of the fact that the host and creative mind behind the show, John Walsh, has his own tragic crime in the history of his family. On July 27, 1981 John’s son Adam was abducted and murdered by a complete stranger. This tragedy led to not only the creation of the hit television show but also to how the country handles convicted sex offenders with a new law that was signed into effect exactly by then President Bush 25 years later in 2006.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act as it is called created the national sex offender registry, which anyone who is convicted of a sex crime must be placed upon their release from prison. This legislation created a tier system for sex offenders with there being three tiers those offenders can be placed on depending on the crime they were convicted for. Each tier has a time period in which the offender must remain registered and also stipulates how often they should re-register for the list. Failure to do so no matter what tier the individual is on will result in felony charges.

The list of sexual based offenders is made available to the public so that parents and concerned citizens can access the information and find if a registered offender is in their area. This can make protecting children from child abductors and predators even easier so that stories such as that of Adam Walsh do not have to be repeated again. Parents are encouraged to check the list in their area and use child locator devices and other protective means to help keep their child safe and happy.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and as part of the effort to keep children safe many are working on educating parents not only about spotting abuse but preventing abduction and ensuring lost children make it home as well. Of course there is no sure way to prevent abduction or keep a child from wandering off since you cannot guard your children at all times but you can keep track of them with a child locator device and teach them everything you can about safety.

Children should know all of their basic information at an early age such as their address, home phone number, and a work number for mom or dad to help them if they should be abducted or get lost from home.

When children are away from home they should always be at least with another friend if not with another responsible adult. If for some reason they do find themselves alone and lost they should know to approach policeman, firemen, and other adults who can help them in their situation so they can get home again safely.

All children should also have a their parents attention and respect when they speak. This way the child will feel like their opinion is valuable and they will find it easier to talk to adults when an emergency arises about themselves or a friend.

Parents should also make sure they have a kit prepared in case their child does come up missing. This kit should include recent photos, fingerprints, as well as information that will help authorities identify the child such as distinguishing characteristics.

As parents keeping our children safe is a priority and something we should be concerned with every month of the year, not just during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every child deserves the chance to grow up to see what they can become someday.

The Hague Conference on Private International Law signed a convention in December 1983 that was to help protect parents who are no longer together from one crossing an international border in an attempt to gain full custody of a child which they did not have before. Before this convention was signed each country was handling cases differently on how to handle international child abductors who were trying to take harbor within their borders. While some countries were quick to return the child others were slow or even refused to do so making them preferred locations for those who were trying to take custody that they did not have by court order in their home country.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is getting lots of attention right now as David Goldman is continuing to try and regain custody of his son from Brazil, which was one of the countries that signed the convention. This is putting a strain on the relations between the two countries and bringing to light to parents that you cannot count on laws and conventions to help you regain the custody of your child in the event of an abduction.

Time is of the essence in these cases and catching your child with their abductor before they can cross an international border is essential. With an Amber Alert child location device you can access their location instantly with your web enabled cell phone. Whether the potential abductor is their parent who shares custody or a complete stranger, these personal tracking devices can make recovering your child so that they can spend the night at home in their own bed a possibility. With the exact GPS coordinates on an easy to understand map the authorities can help parents bring children home where they are supposed to be.

As the custody battle rages on between the Brazilian authorities and David Goldman backed by the United States government and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the custody of Goldman’s now 8-year-old son all separated and divorced parents have more than ever to think about. Of course Goldman was what he thought was happily married when he placed his wife and 4-year-old on a plane bound for South America the results are still the same than if a non-custodial parent took a child without permission out of the country.

Kidnappings done by one parent to gain custody of a child account for more than 350,000 abductions each and every year in the United States and in many cases the parent flees out of the country to avoid capture again. These abductions can happen during a separation, during the divorce, or even years after the divorce is finalized. In many cases if you were to ask the custodial parent if they felt the other parent was capable of kidnapping their child they would have said no showing that you can never really know another person.

Parents who worry about their child being abducted by a parent, grandparent, or even a stranger can now outfit their child with a personal tracking device so that they can know where they are located at any given time. These child location devices are small and can be placed in your child’s pocket or backpack and with the use of your web enabled cell phone you can receive the GPS coordinates of their location potentially stopping a parental kidnapping, especially before they can have the opportunity to cross over into another country. Though this would not have helped David Goldman since he even drove them to the airport it can help other parents who deal with parental kidnappings each and every year.

A couple in Tennessee whose children were abducted 20 years ago by their own grandparents now have those kids back after years of wondering where they were and if they were ok. This was a classic case of a custody battle over children where one party took it upon themselves to just take the children and run. Of course parents back then did not have the tools that those today do to protect their children. Today a parent can attach a child locator device onto their child and have a GPS system track them at all times in conjunction with their web enabled cell phone. The first hours after abduction are the most crucial to getting children home safely and with a Amber Alert GPS you can greatly increase those odds.