Unfortunately, more and more of our youngsters are getting into fights both in and outside of school.  Help your child avoid fights by teaching them how to solve conflicts peacefully.  First, tell your child that it actually takes genuine courage to walk away when someone challenges them to fight.  Also stress that fighting is not an acceptable way to solve their problems.  Tell them that if they find themselves faced with a potential fight, they should 1. Step away from the other person, 2. Try to talk to the other person and establish the reason they want to fight, 3. Listen to what the other person has to say, even if your child believes the other person is wrong, and 4. Discuss a peaceful compromise.  If the other person still tries to engage your child in a fight, tell your youngster to ask a trusted adult for assistance. A device like the Amber Alert GPS child locator can allow adults to listen in even when they cannot always be around to help face bullies.