It seems far too often that we are seeing tales of child abduction filling the news as kids are being taken at a rate that seems to be increasing. From cases of stranger abduction to those that involve friends and relatives of the family it seems a kid does not have a chance. But for parents ready to bring electronic gadgets in on the fight kids can now carry the new Amber Alert Armor child locator device.

This new device is much more affordable than a cell phone and more reliable as well since it can constantly track the movements of kids using GPS technology. With many built in features parents can customize it to fit their exact needs. From receiving warnings when a safe zone is left to alerts when the child is near a residence of a registered sex offender this device has all the bases covered.

There is no better way to protect your children and with the price of not using one so high there is no reason why a GPS tracking device cannot be carried by each and every kid out there.