When parents leave their children at school they feel that they have placed them in a safe place for the day in which nothing will happen to them. But the recent disappearance of a 7 year old boy from Portland Oregon has shattered that thought for every parent across the country.

Just over 3 weeks ago not only was Kyron dropped off at school by his step mother, she even went inside with him for awhile. Yet the young boy never made it to class and his disappearance was not noticed until he did not come home that evening. Despite an exhaustive search he has yet to be found and many questions still go unanswered.

For many parents this story should be the wake up call they need to be proactive in the protection of their child. A GPS tracking device is affordable and simple to use when combined with a web enabled cell phone so that the exact location of the child can be known at all times. With these personal tracking devices hopefully news stories like the one out of Oregon can become a thing of the past as all parents are completely in touch with their children even when they cannot be with them.