More than any time in history our children are spending the vast majority of their time indoors. While the school day cannot be helped their free time is filled with video games and chatting online with friends. When their parents were young time with friends was spent outside in the neighborhood or at the local park playing games. This lack of outdoor time is a contributing factor to the rising obesity issues in the children all across the country. Poor diets combined with this lack of exercise are leading to issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure that could be lessened with quality play.

Many parents are finding that GPS technology is good for not only a child locator device for finding small children who are lost but also as a motivational tool to get kids outside. Geocaching is a fun game that is much like a modern treasure hunt that appeals to many kids. The use of a GPS device to locate a hidden cache is a fun way to spend an afternoon and the walking is a perfect way to get kids moving.

To find out about caches in your area for hunting there are several websites which allow those that play the game a place to post their hidden treasure. Those who want to look for them can find the GPS coordinates to search for at these sites. Or players can have one person make a cache, and then give the coordinates to others to try and find in your own game.

This game is not only good outdoor time for kids but a great way to teach them how to read maps and even work as teams. By combining the technology that these kids love to spend their time with but in a way that is outdoor based starting your kids in geocaching is the perfect way to get them out and get them moving.

Of course geocaching is best when the family does it together making it an ideal way to spend the weekend in the warmer months as everyone works together to find the hidden treasure. The result will be a closer family that is healthier as everyone gets outside and experiences nature while using GPS technology to have some fun and play a fun game.