It seems everywhere you turn adults hear about their credit score and how important it is to have one that will make it easy to get loans and even jobs to get ahead in life. Accompanying this advice is the warning of just how bad getting your identity stolen can be to that score and the huge negative impacts it can have on everyday life. Yet identity theft is not just a problem for adults. Many kids find out the hard way when they try to open first bank accounts or get student loans that their identity had been stolen years before. These kids find out they have mortgages and multiple credit cards for hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt all in default.

While parents rightfully worry about child abduction and kidnapping to the extent they even use a child locator device many do not stop to think of their child’s identity. For a criminal who is looking for a name and social security number to use in fraud that of a minor is actually one of the best possible since so many years will pass before the theft is even discovered. While it may be surprising to many adults that credit can be acquired for a social security number of someone who is a minor this is actually not a problem. Plus since the credit is clean establishing and getting credit cards and even home loans is relatively easy for the criminals.

Just as with any social security number parents need to be very careful on whom they give this information to. Parents also need to be very careful with their tax forms as well since their child’s information will appear there as well. While many adults do keep tabs on their credit via the many credit score agencies they do not take the time to check the score of their child as well to see if there is any activity. This does not have to be this way though since even the top three credit reporting agencies will allow parents to do an annual check for free once they prove the identity of themselves as well as their child. By periodically checking not only their own credit status but their child as well parents can not really prevent identity theft but put a stop to it before it gets out of hand.

For the child early detection of the crime can give parents time to get the problem fixed before their child needs their credit. If it is not discovered until their need a student loan this can postpone them getting their start in life while the paperwork is sorted out which will have adverse affects on their career and more.