When you ask most parents what they know about personal tracking devices for children more often than not the only one they have come across is the Brickhouse Child Locator. The aggressive advertisement campaign from the company has placed a commercial in front of many parents via the television that shows a mother losing her small son in the blink of an eye while they are at the park. Through the use of the unit she is able to find him quickly where he is safely getting a balloon.

While these units are very convenient for this situation they are only good within a short distance. As parents sometimes our children are across town in school while we are at work. This makes these units totally ineffective when they are traveling to and from school or playing at a friend’s house.

For parents who really want peace of mind of being able to find their children at all times the Amber Alert GPS locator device covers a much larger distance and offers many more useable features as well. The Amber Alert places a small GPS device in the pocket of the child, which the parents can locate at any time via their web-enabled cell phone. This GPS device can be located from just about anywhere making the biggest limitation to the distance this model can cover being the cell phone coverage area for the carrier.

When parents want to know the location of their child the Amber Alert tracking device will send them back a text message that features the coordinates as well as a map for the quickest recovery time possible. With real time tracking capabilities as well as the ability to set up safe zones the higher cost of this particular child locator device becomes very understandable. With safe zones in place parents can know exactly when their child leaves a specific area. Being alerted the instant that something is not right will give parents a head start to finding them quickly.

These devices are useful for kids of all ages including teens. With the speed detection parents can monitor just how fast their teen driver is going as well as where they are heading. Not only does this provide the parents with the information to allow privileges but also teens that know their driving is being monitored will usually drive safer in the first place.

When the news is full of kids of all ages disappearing parents today cannot afford to take the steps to protect their children. A child locator device will not prevent any child from being separated from their parents under any circumstances but they can make recovery of that child quick and easy. While both types of personal tracking device will get the job done only one will work from just about anywhere to cover the most scenarios in which children become lost or abducted.