Owning a home requires lots of upkeep, maintenance and cleaning; all of these things requires chemicals that are poisonous and toxic to humans especially if ingested. Of course this is not really an issue for most adults who know that these liquids are not to be drunk, but for some small children or even a special needs child these colorful fluids can be tempting to consume. Many parents know to keep these things out of reach of their babies and toddlers but as a child gets a little older it can get easy to begin to lax some of how they are stored away.

For some children this can become a temptation to maybe not ingest them necessarily but to at least get into them and clean the house like mom might. Many common household cleaners can cause damage to the skin if simply exposed to it. While others can cause damage to the eyes or the vapors when inhaled can be poisonous. Other cleaners may not be as dangerous until they are combined with another cleaner that causes a chemical reaction of some sort. Many chemicals when combined have effects that most people do not know about but a child could simply start by pouring one bottle into another as the are prone to do.

All household cleaners and chemicals should be stored and locked away where all children cannot have access to them. This means using locking closets and even storage sheds with padlocks. Many smaller toddler cabinet lock systems are too easy for slightly older children to access and they are in just as much danger with these chemicals as the smaller kids. Keeping your child safe outside of the home is simple with a personal tracking device but inside of the home it can get tough but a little common sense goes a long way.