As parents we know that their registered sex offenders just about everywhere, but we do not like to think about just how close they may be to our children each and every day. It is easy to turn an eye and say that those who may harm our children live in the other neighborhoods, but not ours. This is not the case though. Parents who do take the time to look up the sex offenders in their area are shocked to see just how close a registered offender may be to their home or even the school their child attends.

Of course not all offenders who are registered are necessarily a threat to children. There are many individuals listed who have committed sexual based crimes that are not directed toward children. So it is important that parents remember this list is not to alienate or banish everyone on it who lives near you. But it is a good guideline on who you should not trust with your children. The registry is setup to where offenders are assigned a level based on their offense and this will give parents an idea of just how dangerous each one can be.

Searching the sexual offenders in your area could not be simpler. Each county maintains an easy to search database most often including maps that show the residence of those who are registered in the area. Parents should be pro-active and look at this list periodically as opposed to turning a blind eye and believing that someone like that would not live in their neighborhood. Sex offenders come from many diverse ethnic groups as well as financial brackets there is no cookie cutter picture of what one of these individuals looks like. Of course parents can also use a child locator device to help them track their children to ensure that they are safe.