The recent abduction and murder of Sandra Cantu in California only reminds parents that those who may harm our children are not always the lurking stranger that so many of them visualize when they think of this subject. Statistics show that more often than not abductors of children are at least minor acquaintances of the family if not blood relatives. Stranger abduction is actually a fairly rare thing with only one in five kidnappings being done by a complete stranger to the child.

As parents what can we do to help prevent an abduction when it is carried out by someone your child knows from home or school and feels they can trust. Since these people are not strangers per say they rules of stranger danger does not apply as far as our children are concerned. One common tactic acquaintances use is that the parents wanted them to pick up the child for the parents. One way to combat this it to use a safety word in these situations. When kids expect the person picking them up to know a secret word they will only go with those who give this word.

Of course there is no 100% way to protect your child from any abduction whether a stranger or someone the family knows carries it out. But parents can use a GPS child locator to help them track and know the whereabouts of their child at any given time. With these handy devices you can always know where your child is which if any abduction does occur will give the authorities the info they will need in order to recover your child very quickly. The quicker a child is recovered the less likely it will be that the abduction of your child will turn our with the same results as that of Sandra.