Many parents get the Amber Alert GPS confused with other child locator devices available from other companies. The concept behind each of these devices is relatively the same but their usage and functionality vary. So it is important that parents understand which device they are purchasing so they know exactly what to expect from their purchase. Many of these devices use radio frequencies to locate the chip that is placed on your child. This limits the range the device is capable of working. While these devices only cost a one time fee they are also only effective if you are within a limited range of your child. This makes them ideal for times when your child wanders away from you but they will do no good at all if you are not around.

The Amber Alert child locator device works by using GPS satellites to acquire the exact coordinates of the device itself. Your web enabled cell phone can access this info at any time. This means that you do not have to be near your child making them ideal for just about any time. Whether your child is with you and wanders off or they are playing away from home and are abducted by a stranger. There is a small monthly fee to use the service but many parents find that it is worth every penny.