Parents who worry about their child being abducted and who want to remain vigilante to prevent this crime against their family should know what situations are the prevalent in order to best be prepared. With the reported abduction cases in most years there is on average only 130 stranger abductions in the United States. Of these cases 71% occur in outdoor settings such as parks and even front yards. Authorities feel that criminals understand that many indoor facilities nowadays use video surveillance, which means their crime will be caught on tape. Of course a parent cannot attach a video surveillance camera to their child at all times to deter a crime, but they can attach a child locator device which can track their child not only if they are abducted but for just generally keeping on eye on them instead.

These devices use GPS technology to track the movement of a child that carry the small transmitter in the pocket or backpack. The parents cell phone can access this location information in order to get their current location at any given time in the day. This can be the absolute essential tool for recovering their child in the frightening event that their child is abducted. But of course the device can also be used when the child wanders off or if parents just want to check and make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

When a parent needs to know the location of their child they simply use their web enabled cell phone to access the Amber Alert GPS and get its whereabouts. The personal tracking device can then send them the exact location, within just a few short feet, of the child along with a map. This will give the parents a visual representation as well as GPS coordinates of the location of their child.