For many parents after school is a tough time for them and what it is they will do with their children. Many schools get out in the late afternoon but most parents still have to be at their work until closer to evening. This creates a few hours from the time school lets out until the time parents can be with their kids.

For some parents they have the luxury of being to afford after school care at a day care facility. These caregivers pick up several children from the school and take them back to their buildings where professionals watch over them until the parents can get off work. This is expensive though, plus many older kids do not want to go to a place they consider for little kids

Some schools offer after school programs to keep kids entertained, while not usually free many times it can be based on a family budget making it an affordable after school location. Of course not all schools offer these programs and this leaves many families looking for after school care for their child.

Many kids either walk of ride a bus home and let themselves into the house where they take care of themselves until the parents come home. While this is relatively safe for older children things can still happen and many parents worry about them seriously while they are still at work. These kids are ideal candidates for using a personal tracking device. Though it will not prevent a child abduction or accident they can give parents and kids a link to each other that is open at all times and yet still affordable. Parents can know where their child is all times and kids can have a panic button to press if an emergency should arise.