For years school buildings were open to all and anyone could come in at any time during the day. There was no real need for any type of security and parents and visitors could come and go. Of course many schools had signs up requesting visitors check in at the office, but this was really not a rule that was enforced or caused much concern.
But with the increase in child abductions as well as school shootings done by both students and random people schools now have to have strict security policies. Of course not all schools use the same policies and procedures so parents should take an interest in those that the school that their child attends uses.

Parents should find out if the school has an on duty security officer at all times or if they only have one on call. If you have particular concerns about your child and maybe the potential of a non-custodial spouse taking them during the day make sure the security officer knows you, your child, and your concerns. While using a personal tracking device on your child in these situations is best, having extra eyes looking out can only help.

Also look into the technology your child’s school uses to keep the building safe. With shootings on the rise being able to remotely control the doors and access to them could save many lives by keeping a shooter contained in one area or better yet keeping them from accessing the building at all. Many schools have lock down policies for when trouble is in the area, find out the policy of the school your child attends and if there isn’t one see about getting one incorporated. This can cut down on risks to not only your child but all of those in the building as well.