It is back to school time for schools all across the United States and while kids are getting new clothes, backpacks and supplies many parents are thinking of the safety of their child. Those that walk, ride a bus, or even are dropped off by their parents are susceptible to a stranger picking them up and many times these children are never seen again. It a tragedy that we see on the news once in awhile and most parents feel that this will never happen to them. Really the odds are that it will not happen to them, but for those unlucky few who are on the wrong side of those odds there is no price too high for getting their child back safely.

Now is an excellent time for parents to consider getting their child a personal tracking device. Those such as the Amber Alert GPS child locator can simply clip onto that new backpack and with their web enabled cell phone parents can know their child’s exact location at any given instant. While some feel that this is taking it a bit too far others see it as money well spent in order to have the peace of mind of knowing where there child is at all times.

These devices can track your child throughout their day so if they walk or ride a bike home from school parents can know if they came straight home as they were told or if they stopped off somewhere on the way. There is also a panic button on the device that kids can use if something is wrong so that their parents will know they are in trouble and where they are. This is handy for kids that ride the bus who may have a stranger approach them while they are waiting to be picked up. These devices are invaluable and parents purchase them with the hopes they will never have to actually use them to find their child.