Parents are well aware of the dangers that a stranger can pose to their child when that person has ill intentions with them and many will even use a child locator device to help protect them from such things. Other parents are well aware of another danger to children, cigarette smoke, while others do not seem to consider all of the things that can occur to a child while they are with someone who smokes cigarettes. While it is fairly common knowledge now that second hand smoke is extremely harmful to our children there are still other dangers to watch for.

Many times someone in the life of a child smokes and many of these individuals now step outside to have a cigarette in order to prevent the toxins from being breathed by children in the home. But matches and lighters can pose a threat to a curious child if they are left lying in the open. This can cause a child to accidentally burn themselves and in more severe cases can even set a home on fire with everyone inside. Kids can also receive burns from cigarettes that are not properly extinguished making ashtrays not only ugly, smelly places but also dangers to kids in the home.