As out kids get a little older it is easy for parents to get a little lax in how they handle important safety issues around the home. We feel that since we have told our children something a million times they will leave this alone or not do that. But if you ask any parent if their kids really listen and they will tell you, not really. Telling a child to do something a million times does not necessarily mean they will when the time comes. That is why so many companies are springing up to help keep our kids safe such as Amber Alert GPS child locator.

One danger that is in many homes in abundance is cleaning supplies. For kids these highly toxic poisons are dangerous for many reasons. All are harmful if swallowed and many also create dangers of inhaling vapors, toxic burns to the skin, and even more. To make these chemicals even more dangerous they are in many rooms in the family home. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, and even in the garage these chemicals and cleaning supplies are everywhere. But even for older kids who “know better” these chemicals can pose dangers making it necessary for parents to keep them out of reach of all kids not just the really small ones.

Kitchen cleaning supplies should be kept in the tallest cabinet where curious kids cannot easily reach them. Even for older kids accidental spills can irritate skin and cause emergency trips to the doctor. While bathroom cleaning supplies in many homes are kept under the sink this is too accessible for kids. These doors should be locked but preferably all toxic chemicals should be kept in a locked utility closet that kids do not have access to. The garage is especially full of hazardous chemicals such as anti-freeze and paint thinners. These should be kept in a locked shed so that kids cannot possible come into contact with them.