Air bags are designed to save lives and are now standard features on every automobile sold in the United States. Unfortunately to our young children they are not a safety device but instead something that can cause them great harm and maybe even death. Parents know that when their child is small that they are safer in the back seat and when small enough safely placed inside of a car seat. In many states this is the law so parents are well aware of the fact that this is the safe place for them.

Once kids get a little older and no longer need to be in a car safety seat though many parents forget that the air bags are not safe for their children. Kids want to sit up front in the car and many start to beg to sit up front with mom or dad. But until they are old enough or unless the air bag can be deactivated the back seat is still the safest place for them.

As parents we go to great lengths to keep our kids safe from child proofing the house to using a personal tracking device to know their location. As much as we would like to allow them to have the fun of sitting in the front seat we need to make sure that they are old enough to avoid the danger the air bag poses.