For parents going through a divorce the issue of custody is more often than not the most highly contested and debated portion of their divorce decree. For the parent who may feel like they do not have a chance at winning custody or did lose it in the divorce the temptation is high sometimes to take the child and run off with them. Though this may sound like something on a dramatic television show it seems that in countries such as Great Britain the number of these types of cases is quickly on the rise. Up as much as 20% these parents are finding out that if they can make it to a sympathetic country they will be left in peace to raise their child on their own without the ex-spouse and sharing the time.

As these numbers continue to rise more parents are looking for ways to track the location of their child at all times in order to prevent these abductions by the non-custodial parent. For those in the US the Amber Alert GPS child locator is a personal tracking device that is highly programmable so that they can keep tabs on their child and ensure that they will not be taken off to another country where they may never see them again.