Burns can happen so quickly in the kitchen that even the most vigilante parent can accidentally let their child get burned even while they are supervising them. Just as the sales of the latest child locator device show parents do worry about keeping their children safe, so how can they do so in the kitchen when it can happen so quickly?

Anytime something is cooking in the kitchen an adult should remain with it to supervise. If it is on top of the stove handles should be turned inward to prevent them from being grabbed by quick little hands. If it involves grease this could splatter so a lid should be placed on it to keep it from doing so. When things are coming out of the oven parents need to ensure that their children remain back while they get it out.

Of course food that has just been served can still cause serious burns as well and parents should not put anything in front of their children that will do so. Hot cocoa and cooked cheese are both notorious for causing bad burns to the mouths and fingers of little kids. Safety in the kitchen should always be a number one priority so that nobody gets hurt.