All parents want to keep their children safe and that is why devices such as the child locator device are so popular. But keeping guns in the home is something that the average American family feels rather strongly about in one way or another but not all agree on whether you should or not. On one side are those who feel that having a gun in the home is vital for the safety of those who are in it. While other families feel that a gun puts a child in more danger from accidents than can ever be made up for in safety.

For many families having a gun in the home is just something that will never and should not ever happen. For these parents the stories of children accidentally shooting themselves or others makes owning one out of the question. They feel there is absolutely no safe way to keep a gun without endangering the child.

Those who are pro-gun feel that having hunting rifles as well as other guns is perfectly safe as long as they are handled properly. Guns can and do exist in homes with kids in a safe manner that puts nobody in jeopardy. For these responsible gun owners ensuring that guns are locked away in a gun cabinet is essential. Plus these guns should also have a trigger lock in order to keep curious kids at bay.

Keeping guns under lock and key and in a way they cannot be fired will ensure that accidents do not occur in the home. Of course this does not mean that all families will run out now and purchase a gun to have in their home. This is a personal choice that everyone needs to decide on their own. But if guns are kept in the home steps should be taken to ensure that children do not have access to them and that they are not left loaded.