Parents tend to worry only about their children when they are outside the home. Many even use the latest technology such as a child locator device to help them keep track of them while they are out. But these parents tend to forget that children can be in just as much danger in their own home as they are when they are away from it.

The statistics are almost staggering on just how many injuries occur in the home, which require medical attention. Every year over one million kids below the age of fifteen are treated for injuries that occur right at home. The age group in the most danger seems to be those from infant to four years old. Of course this makes sense since at this age children are not developed fully and are more susceptible to falls. Plus there natural curiosity about the world and lack of knowledge about what will hurt them gets them into dangerous situations quickly and very easily.

Accidents within the home no matter what age the child are totally preventable and many parents need to take just a few minutes to ensure that their home is a safe place for their kids to grow up. Since the majority of accidents involve falling, burns, and poisoning parents should look for these hazards in their homes. Gates should be used to block stairs and windows should be screened or securely fastened. Parents should ensure that the kitchen is safe and pots and pans cannot be pulled off on them. Once children get older and want to cook for themselves make sure they are supervised at all times. All chemicals, cleaning agents, and other poisons should be locked up where kids cannot get to them. With these steps parents can create a much safer environment for their kids to grow up in.