The 4th of July is a wonderful time for families to get together and enjoy some time in the sun while they celebrate the freedom that we have in the United States. Of course fireworks play a big role in the celebrations all across the country and in many areas the stands set up alongside the road to sell fireworks to whomever wants them. But even when fireworks are allowed in an area it still does not make them necessarily safe to use for a family. Every year thousands go to the hospital due to improper use of fireworks and many of these are children who were not supervised by adults while they handled them.

Just like some food fireworks have an expiration date and so buyers should buy there fireworks from a reputable dealer to ensure they are getting the best available. An adult should always be present to make sure that all fireworks are used as per their label instructions. Never should fireworks be held in the hand when they are being lit and of course definitely not pointed at anyone or anything. Fireworks should not be carried in pockets and water should be handy at all times to do put out any flare-ups that may result the use of the fireworks.

Even fireworks that many feel are totally safe can cause a serious injury if used improperly so parents should carefully consider just attending a local fireworks show. Just as a child locator device can help keep your child safe attending a show instead of shooting off your own fireworks can protect your children as well. These shows allow families to see a excellent light show in the sky without putting any of them in danger of having to light fireworks that they are not properly trained to use. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.