Every year it seems there is always at least one recall on cribs or children’s bedding because defects in design or workmanship make them unsafe to be used by our kids. Many times the crib has slates that are too far apart or defects that will allow the infant to fall between them where they will choke and maybe even suffocate. While on the beds of older kids bunks often times are not designed well or even a child safety rail meant for keeping kids from rolling out has potential for causing injury.

Or course these recalls are made on these products many times after at least one tragedy has already occurred. This means that it is ultimately up to the parents to look out for their children. Parents should carefully inspect all the furniture that they place in their child’s room to make sure there is nothing on it, which can potentially hurt them. Look for defects in workmanship and places where tiny heads can get caught and if any are seen stop using the piece immediately. The makers of the Amber Alert GPS child locator want to help all parents make the world a safer place for all kids to grow up in and that includes their bedrooms.