There is no doubt that bullying has been around for a very long time and it is still around today in its traditional forms as well as newer more modern ways as well. As adults we know bullies for what they are, people with lots of insecurities. But when you are a kid being picked on by one it can still be intimidating and will only create insecurities within yourself. Bullies exist in every age range from the youngest preschoolers to even adults in the workplace. They are in our neighborhoods, schools, and even on the internet so the chances are you know a bully very well.

For kids bullies are especially hard to deal with since the bully is usually really good at picking out the weak that will not defend themselves. As parents we need to help our children cope with bullies in a healthy way so they will not lose confidence in themselves. Unfortunately there are not any personal tracking devices that will help with bullies as they do with predators. But we can teach our children to not respond to the bully and help them build up the confidence that will repel the bully so that they find someone else to pick on instead.