If you ask any parent what the biggest killer of children is in their very own homes the answers would probably be things like chemicals and falls. But in reality the biggest threat to our children in our very own homes is fire. Many families do not have any idea of what they would do if a fire broke out in their home. Plus many others do not have smoke detectors even installed to warn them or the ones they have are not working for one reason or another. It may not seem like a big deal to get out of a burning home, but in the confusion that often comes along with the fire it can be tougher than you think.

Many adults that actually even talk fire safety with their children only do just that, talk. But having a solid escape plan set up for the family to follow is essential should the need arise one day. Families should not only come up with the plan but also practice it together on a regular basis. Practicing your escape and even timing it can do a lot to help families get out of a burning house should the need come up.

Of course families need to know there is a fire before they can escape. Parents should make sure there are plenty of smoke detectors installed within the home and that they are in working order. It is also important to know if these detectors will wake up everyone in the home. Recent studies have shown that many kids can actually sleep through some alarms making them ineffective if a fire should come in the night.

Fire safety is important just as all other kids safety issues such as car seats and missing children. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator want all families to take the time to be safe and ready for anything.