Every year hundreds of children are injured and even killed in accidents relating to cars. These incidents are involving cars that are not being operated and they are separate from traditional car accidents on the roads. Many these tragedies could have been easily avoided with some extra care from the nearby adults and even by improved safety features on vehicles.

Adults should always make sure they lock a car whenever they get out of it and after they ensure that a child is not left inside. As bizarre as it may seem parents have left infants and other small children in the car after going to work. Their mind was so on their day they forgot to drop them off at day care and the heat of the day can quickly heat up a car.

The car needs to be locked after it is parked since a child can easily climb inside to play and end up overheating inside of the car. Modern cars are just too easy to open doors and even trunks with the push of a button but a young child may not always get back out before they begin to dehydrate and succumb to heat stroke. Some child locator devices include features that monitor temperature as well and will send an alert to the cell of the parent when a certain temperature is exceeded.

Cars should also be locked to keep rolling accidents from occurring. Many times a child is left in the car or crawls in to get a toy or something inside and in older vehicles the vehicle is kicked out of gear. This can result in another child being rolled over or even the child inside being in a crash when they are not securely in the car. Of course newer cars have safety locks where the brake must be engaged before the car will shift gears.