For a long time child abductions have been considered a big city problem but in reality this is not the case. Children are taken from all walks of life in communities of all sizes across the country. Of course when these abductions do occur in smaller areas the authorities in these towns do not have the experience in abductions that their counterparts do in larger more urban areas. Many child predators realize this and try to use this to their advantage.

Recently the Kansas Attorney General created a statewide Child Abduction Response Team (CART) that will help all communities in the event of an abduction of one of their children. This team will help coordinate local law enforcement to best manage the situation and resources available to bring children home safely. Team members will include not only experience law enforcement to aid in the recovery of the child but also trained professionals who can assist the family in this very trying time in their lives.

Kansas may be taking the lead in creating such a team but other states will surely follow suit. This can truly take the burden off of the smaller communities when it comes to training and the manpower that is necessary to recover abducted and at risk children from dangerous situations. Of course just as anywhere all parents even those who live in small rural towns need to keep the information on their child as well as recent photos of them handy to aid all authorities who are involved in looking for their abducted child. Plus a child locator device can be a extremely handy tool in these situations provided the cell phone coverage is more than adequate in the area. Abduction is a scary thing but when handled promptly and quickly it can have a very positive outcome for the child and their family.