The vast majority of the child abductions in the country each of year actually do not involve strangers at all. In many of these cases the abductor is way more than just an acquaintance as well. Many are carried out by disgruntled parties who have lost custody of the child or feel they are about to. For the most part these are last ditch efforts by someone who loves these children dearly and feel that they are doing what is best for them. These people feel that the courts have let them down and the judges truly do not know what is best for the child so they take the matter into their own hands.

Of course even though these abductions are done with good intent they are still crimes that will only make the matters between not only the custodial parent and also the courts worse. Nevada is about to pass a new law, which will strengthen the custody laws in that state. If a non-custodial party abducts, attempts to abduct, or has interfered with the custody of the child this law will make it only harder for them to get visitation and other rights to the child. Of course many other states are also discussing similar bills in order to help custodial parents when faced with such a difficult issue.

These parents need more than just a child locator device to help them keep their children safe from potential abduction from someone they love. For the child this is a very confusing and hard thing to understand since in so many cases they never see the other parent again. If you feel your child is at risk for abduction by a non-custodial family member than use a Amber Alert GPS device and speak with an attorney about the laws in your state.