Everyone, including the youngest kids, loves to spend free time by the water to cool down in the summer and enjoy the outdoors. Families everywhere pack up and head off to the local pool, the beach, or even the lake for weekend fun together. With the Memorial Day weekend quickly coming up and the month of May being National Water Safety month those at Amber Alert GPS child locator device felt that everyone should be reminded of basic water safety tips to help families avoid accidents that can never be reversed.

Kids can drown in as little as one inch of water and even kids that know how to swim can have accidents that make it impossible to safe themselves. So all families should ensure that they stick together near the water and that small children cannot get to the water whether it is the pool or the lake without an adult to supervise them.

Other than ensuring there is adult supervision for your children life jackets should also be used on lakes and rivers. In many states it is a law that not only children but everyone on the boat has a lifejacket and everyone should actually wear them. An accident can happen on the water at any time and you may not have time to grab that lifejacket which can ensure the user will float in the event they cannot swim on their own. More than half of the kids who drown in any given summer are not wearing life jackets. This is such a tragedy since such a simple device could have saved their lives.

Of course the most important safety tip is for everyone in the family to know how to swim and perform CPR. In many communities swimming lessons as well as first aid classes are very affordable and offered in convenient evening programs for all ages.