This week a family in Missouri has a very close call with the four year old son who decided on his own that he was going to go for a hike. The family home sits next to a large parcel of National Forest with some of the most rugged terrain in the area. While his parents were busy the young boy slipped out of the home and headed off on his own. After noticing the boy was missing family searched the nearby woods and without luck called the local authorities to report the child missing.

From there hundreds of volunteers and dogs began combing the area in search of the boy but searchers were unsure of exactly which direction he took to have a more precise search area. Concerns for the boy included dehydration as well as poisonous snakes, mountain lions, and more. It was not until searchers found his shoe that they knew they were on the right track. And finally after being missing from his home for 52 hours the young boy was finally discovered by a search and rescue member.

This story had a very happy ending despite the youngster spending two nights outdoors he was covered in ticks, dehydrated but overall healthy and fine. This young man’s parents and other parents all across the country know that this could have had a much different ending. It is times like these that a GPS child locator could really shine if only given the opportunity. If the young man had an Amber Alert GPS device tucked into his pocket his parents could have used their web enabled cell phone to get his exact coordinates as soon as he was discovered missing. This would have put a quick end to the walk this young man had decided to go on and without the worry that these parents endured for so many hours.