Most parents would stop at nothing to protect their children and many actually even use such products as child locator devices to help them at doing so. With these devices parents can find their child quickly and efficiently in case they wander off or are the victims of abduction. But what are parents to do when the threat is from a source such as the outbreak of swine flu.

The swine flu also called the N1H1 flu is an aggressive virus, which has recently appeared in humans. Caught off guard by this virus those that ensure that vaccines are available were not prepared for this particular strain of flu and that means there currently is no vaccine available. This places those with weaker immune systems at risk for contracting this new form of influenza.

As with most forms of influenza the swine flu is believed to be transmitted with direct human contact with someone who is infected. This means to protect yourself and more importantly your children parents should do all the same things they do to avoid any virus. This includes washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Use alcohol based cleaners around your home and have them in your purse for such places as the grocery store to use on the basket handle. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose since these are where germs quickly enter the body.

Of course if you or your child shows any signs of being sick than make sure you schedule a visit to your physician. Also if you are not well stay home and do not send the kids to school or go out except to the doctor where you will spread the virus to others. If we all follow these general guidelines to staying healthy the swine flu will not become the epidemic that some fear that it will.