As parents we see stories of children abducted on the news and worry about what will happen if this happens close to where we live. We all want to protect our children and do all we can to teach them about being safe around strangers to help prevent abductions. Of course parents today can not only teach their children about safety they can also outfit them with a GPS child locator that will help authorities find them in case they are missing one day.

Of course the response from the local authorities plays a huge roll in the success of finding missing children quickly. Some local departments practice their response to this situation so that they know exactly what each team member will do in the event that one does actually take place in their community. As parents we can encourage our local police, fire and other rescue units to practice drills on how they will respond to the abduction of a child in their community.

Even with the use of the national Amber Alert system authorities need to have a solid plan they will follow should a child appear to be abducted. Whether it is a young toddler or an older teen these can happen quickly and response time is essential.