Ten years ago today things changed forever for schools in the United States as one of the worst mass killings in the country’s history took place at Columbine High School. The images of students fleeing the building and the tapes from the 911 calls will forever be in the minds of many Americans but most importantly in that of those who educate our children daily.

Educators, parents, and even students have applied the lessons that were learned that fateful day and there have been many proven thwarted similar attacks across the country since that day because of those lessons. Adults as well as students know to look for the signs of other kids in trouble who may need a place to go with their problems. Since many are looking out for students who are secretly coping with pain and troubles more are getting the help they need.

For parents on that day much was learned as well. Those who had children with cell phones that were able to get messages out found out just how valuable technology can be for keeping track of their child. Cell phones and GPS tracking devices carried on teens can give them a lifeline to their parents to call for help or let them know that they are okay despite an accident or tragedy.