April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and as part of the effort to keep children safe many are working on educating parents not only about spotting abuse but preventing abduction and ensuring lost children make it home as well. Of course there is no sure way to prevent abduction or keep a child from wandering off since you cannot guard your children at all times but you can keep track of them with a child locator device and teach them everything you can about safety.

Children should know all of their basic information at an early age such as their address, home phone number, and a work number for mom or dad to help them if they should be abducted or get lost from home.

When children are away from home they should always be at least with another friend if not with another responsible adult. If for some reason they do find themselves alone and lost they should know to approach policeman, firemen, and other adults who can help them in their situation so they can get home again safely.

All children should also have a their parents attention and respect when they speak. This way the child will feel like their opinion is valuable and they will find it easier to talk to adults when an emergency arises about themselves or a friend.

Parents should also make sure they have a kit prepared in case their child does come up missing. This kit should include recent photos, fingerprints, as well as information that will help authorities identify the child such as distinguishing characteristics.

As parents keeping our children safe is a priority and something we should be concerned with every month of the year, not just during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every child deserves the chance to grow up to see what they can become someday.