There are many statistics on child abductions that we try and share with parents so they can use this information to protect their children from harm. By now many parents should know that family members carry out many abductions so they can best guard against this with secret codes and other tactics. But the FBI recently warned that almost 36% of the non-family abductions that do occur happen during the spring time. So now is an excellent time to make sure you have a proper ID kit for each of your children and this is also a great time to sign up for a GPS child locator service as well.

These tools are very helpful in recovering your child quickly should the unthinkable actually happen to one of your children and your family. A child ID kit should include at least two current photos preferably one school photo and one less formal image. As well as an index card that contain their vital information such as height, weight, and eye color plus any distinguishing features they may have. A set of their fingerprints as well as a cotton swab with some of the DNA from their mouth sealed in an envelope is also items that should be included in the kit. With these you can provide the authorities all they need in order to find a child quickly and bring them home safe.