One of the first questions that many parents have about the Amber Alert GPS child locator device is; will it work everywhere? We would like to say yes it will, but there are some places that the device will not work as it should and this is due to a lack of GPS coverage in the area. Of course GPS is not a new technology since it has been around for many years. It is only recently that devices such as GPS units for the car that the system has come into wide spread use. And despite the fact that many now use gadgets, which use GPS many do not know how it works exactly.

The Amber Alert uses GPS technology to locate the exact position of the personal tracking device that your child carries in their pocket or backpack. This device uses the GPS satellites, which are circling Earth in outer space. Each satellite is capable of sending its location to the device so when a gadget such as the Amber Alert needs to know where it is calculations are based on distance from three or more satellites to triangulate the devices position on the planet. Of course this leads to the next question parents have and that is; how accurate is the Amber Alert GPS locator device? The triangulation of the location of the device is accurate within one to three feet, which is surprisingly accurate.

Of course the one drawback to the system is the gadget is dependant on getting the signals from the satellites in order to calculate its location. To get this signal the device needs access to the sky. So especially thick woods and interiors of buildings that are far from the windows will have a harder time tracking the device. But since the Amber Alert continuously tracks the device the last known location will let you know that the child is in a building and has not left it yet. The accuracy is amazingly accurate and one of the surest ways to find your child quickly.