Parents worry about child abduction when their children are younger but as they get older the thought gets further from the minds of the parents. Many parents feel that abductions of teens does not happen or that their child can take care of themselves to prevent it from occurring. But every year many teens go missing and not all of them are runaways who left on their own. The statistics are staggering when you consider that every year 250,000 teens are abducted, most often girls, and in many cases they are taken by someone they know.

Teens and parents can use an Amber Alert GPS tracking device to help but in many cases preventative steps can go a long way to ensure the safety of their teen. Teens should always tell their parents where they are going, who they will be with, how they will get there, and when they will be home. By parents and kids keeping each other in the know about what is going on and where they are supposed to be then the alarm can be sounded much sooner if the teen is not where they are supposed to be. But by being safe and only going with people who are not a threat teens can avoid becoming a statistic.