The internet has made it possible for child abductors to actually pick a target online and learn as much as they can about them before they ever even think of attempting the child physically. Many parents place photos and small bits of information about their child on social sites with other parents not stopping to think they are giving a potential abductor all the information they need to make an abduction easier to pull off.

By placing a photo and information such as their favorite activities online an abductor can get to know enough information they can approach a child and sound just like a friend of the family. Once they gain the trust of the child by knowing this information it becomes a much easier task to get the child to come with them and crawl into the car. And every parent knows that once their child is in that car the chances of getting back diminish quickly with each and every minute.

Of course prevention is the best way to handle these types of abductions so parents and children should incorporate the use of a safe word to help keep it from happening. By using a safe word kids know that only adults that know the safe word are supposed to pick them up no matter what the stranger may be saying. But if for some reason your child gets into the car having a way to find them quickly is key to a successful recovery. A GPS location device such as the Amber Alert GPS can make finding the child quick as easy as using your cell phone to access their coordinates on map. Though a safe word may prevent them from getting into the car a personal tracking device can aid in finding them if they do whether by choice or force.