Traditionally when many think of child abductions they assume the abductor was a male, and in many cases this is correct. Most often these men are either complete strangers or family acquaintances with ill intentions or fathers who have bitter feelings regarding the custody arrangement with the child’s mother. These are the traditional profiles that come to mind when you hear about child abductions but there are times when the person taking a child is a woman.

As more men are winning custody of their children in divorce cases this is leaving a larger amount of women who are now on the other end of the hurt feelings that comes with not being with their children everyday. Some of these mothers are choosing to flat out take their children and attempt to run off with them without permission from the father. There have also been cases of women abductors who want a child and either cannot have one of their own or recently suffered a tragic lose of their own child. These cases are rare and when they do occur more often than not the child abducted is a infant so they can take over the mothering duties.

Either way the only way to properly protect your child from any abductor whether they are male or female, stranger or family is to use a child tracking device. These GPS enabled units allow you to quickly find your child with your cell phone, which can aid a fast recovery in the event of a abduction.