The Hague Conference on Private International Law signed a convention in December 1983 that was to help protect parents who are no longer together from one crossing an international border in an attempt to gain full custody of a child which they did not have before. Before this convention was signed each country was handling cases differently on how to handle international child abductors who were trying to take harbor within their borders. While some countries were quick to return the child others were slow or even refused to do so making them preferred locations for those who were trying to take custody that they did not have by court order in their home country.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is getting lots of attention right now as David Goldman is continuing to try and regain custody of his son from Brazil, which was one of the countries that signed the convention. This is putting a strain on the relations between the two countries and bringing to light to parents that you cannot count on laws and conventions to help you regain the custody of your child in the event of an abduction.

Time is of the essence in these cases and catching your child with their abductor before they can cross an international border is essential. With an Amber Alert child location device you can access their location instantly with your web enabled cell phone. Whether the potential abductor is their parent who shares custody or a complete stranger, these personal tracking devices can make recovering your child so that they can spend the night at home in their own bed a possibility. With the exact GPS coordinates on an easy to understand map the authorities can help parents bring children home where they are supposed to be.