Nothing can put an entire neighborhood more on edge than a failed child abduction attempt on one of their own children who play in the area each and every day. In some cases the abductor is someone from another location who will probably never return to the area. Since word of the failed abduction will surely make its way to the authorities the abductor will move on to another community to search for their next potential target. While in other cases the potential abductor lives nearby and will continually prowl that area until just the right target presents itself.

Either way the best way to protect your child from such dangers is to teach them the proper way to respond when a stranger is trying to lure them into a car or to come with them to a location. Children that willingly come along make it much easier on the abductor since to those who may be watching the scene will look more natural and not cause alarm as it would if they grabbed a child who is kicking and screaming. But of course the best defense is the ability to track your child at any given time using GPS coordinates and maps. These personal tracking devices will allow you to know exactly where your child is at any given time for your own peace of mind.