Though many parents feel the main use of an Amber Alert child locator device would be to recover a child in the event of an abduction it really can be just a way to know the whereabouts of your child. Of course abductions do occur but whether you are using a personal tracking device or not you want to teach your children about Stranger Danger so that hopefully they will be prepared to handle the situation so that they never are taken from their families.

It is essential that parents teach their children about the dangers of talking to strangers and help them to prepare for the tactics these people may use to gain the trust of the child. Kids should understand that for no reason they should ever approach the car of a stranger. Safety cops as they are known in the Stranger Danger program try to teach children that adults never need directions from kids so do not approach a car where the driver is wanting you to help them. Abductors also try and lure in children with puppies as well as candy and toys and children must understand that these little tokens are just a ploy to trick them to come with the stranger.

As parents we should also pay attention when our children tell us that a stranger approached them. We should take note on all the details that we can get such as appearance, location, car, tactic used and more. As responsible adults this information should not be taken lightly since if a predator is operating in your area this information can help the police potentially stop a abduction before it has the chance to occur. By preventing child abductions before they occur hopefully we can get rid of the need for children to wear a GPS tracking device for this purpose.