It seems like all the economic news we hear lately is negative with employee layoffs and government bailouts all around us but there are still companies that are moving forward and doing well and Amber Alert GPS is one of these companies. Recently this company was honored as one of the top 30 innovative companies in Utah. This award is coupled with the four out of five stars that the child locator device was awarded from GPS Magazine.

For parents and even grandparents who have not yet heard of these GPS tracking devices for children they are really something to see. These small GPS enabled units can easily fit into a child’s pocket and can give you a real time location via your web enabled cell phone so that you can find them at any given time. For the peace of mind these devices give the parent on the go they are well worth the small price for the GPS unit. Plus the small monthly fee to use the system is next to nothing and if something should ever happen to your child you will see it as money very well spent. Buy one for each of your children or get them as a gift for your children to use to keep your grandchildren safe.