We worry about our children and their safety especially once they grow old enough to head off to school where we cannot keep an eye on them throughout the day. We hear stories on a regular basis of children being abducted from all types of locations and under all kinds of circumstances and as parents it is really frightening. But we tend not to think as much about our infants since they spend more time with us and rarely leave our sight. But infants and babies are frequently abducted many times by couples and women who cannot have one of their own or have lost a child tragically.

As parents we should not do things that will put our infant at risk for abduction such as announcing their birth with a front yard sign or by leaving them unattended in a public place. But do to their size babies can be grabbed very quickly and this will leave you in shock unable to respond to the situation. But by tucking a child locator device in the car seat or stroller you can increase the chance of recovering your child should something happen. These personal tracking devices are usually placed in a child’s pocket but due to their small size parents should probably ensure that the baby couldn’t get a hold of it. But being attached to a seat can be just as effective and give a parent some peace of mind.