As the custody battle rages on between the Brazilian authorities and David Goldman backed by the United States government and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the custody of Goldman’s now 8-year-old son all separated and divorced parents have more than ever to think about. Of course Goldman was what he thought was happily married when he placed his wife and 4-year-old on a plane bound for South America the results are still the same than if a non-custodial parent took a child without permission out of the country.

Kidnappings done by one parent to gain custody of a child account for more than 350,000 abductions each and every year in the United States and in many cases the parent flees out of the country to avoid capture again. These abductions can happen during a separation, during the divorce, or even years after the divorce is finalized. In many cases if you were to ask the custodial parent if they felt the other parent was capable of kidnapping their child they would have said no showing that you can never really know another person.

Parents who worry about their child being abducted by a parent, grandparent, or even a stranger can now outfit their child with a personal tracking device so that they can know where they are located at any given time. These child location devices are small and can be placed in your child’s pocket or backpack and with the use of your web enabled cell phone you can receive the GPS coordinates of their location potentially stopping a parental kidnapping, especially before they can have the opportunity to cross over into another country. Though this would not have helped David Goldman since he even drove them to the airport it can help other parents who deal with parental kidnappings each and every year.