As parents we see reports of child abduction on our local and national news but it is easy to view this as something that happens to other people and it could never happen to our children and us. But we only hear of a small fraction of child abductions because in many cases the local authorities recover the child quickly enough it does not necessarily make a newscast we will see.

In the United States there is an average of well over 2,100 child abductions a day. That is every single day! Many parents are surprised at this number since they do not hear about this many abductions so they assumed the amount taken every year was lower. Almost a quarter of these child abductions are done by people who the children know making the old preventative step of not talking to strangers totally ineffective.

As they say the best defense is a strong offense. By utilizing a personal tracking device such as the Amber Alert GPS you can increase the odds of finding your child quickly if they are ever abducted whether by a stranger or someone who knows the family. These devices are extremely accurate and effective with a broader coverage range than other child locator devices.