Though the Amber Alert child locator device was designed with the intent of parents being able to track their children it can also be used in reverse. Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can find your child at any given time with ease is something that kids who have older parents or handicapped siblings can appreciate as well. Just as these GPS tracking devices can be dropped into your child’s backpack and accessed using your web enabled cell phone to know their location while they are at school it can also be used to track adults.

As more adults are taking care of aging parents or siblings with disabilities the dilemma of keeping track of them while you are at work can be a tough one. An Amber Alert device can be placed in the pocket or purse of an aging parent showing signs of early Alzheimer’s or a sibling who can generally take care of them but may need a occasional eye looking in on them.

These devices will allow you to find your loved one if they fail to return from a shopping trip or even if they just do not answer their phone. Features such as the safe zone will also allow you to set up a perimeter so that if your loved one strays beyond the area you will instantly receive notification. This is extremely handy if your parent or sibling goes for long walks of car drives. For some depending on the capabilities of there mental capacity may wander too far from home and may not be able to find their way back. This will alert you that they have wandered far off and may be in danger of being disoriented and lost. Keep even your older loved ones safe with one of these handy tracking devices.